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Bianca was unfailingly patient as we searched for the perfect decoration and furniture for our house refresh. She gently guided us and gave us the confidence to try new design ideas. Bianca sourced everything we needed, saving us huge amounts of time — we couldn’t have done it without her!

Emma E.

House owner

We had been living for over a year in our dream house when we finally decided to hire a professional in order to help us with the set-up of our living room: it was dull, full of toys (we have two toddlers), and simply lacking a clear concept. 
When we met Bianca we had an instant connection: she is kind and funny, and she immediately understood what we wanted! Once our project started, she was there for us every step of the way, making sure everything went perfectly. 
We now have a modern, colorful living room, the artwork is finally where it belongs- hanging on the walls and not in some corner of the room waiting to have a place of its own, the toys are in the kids’ corner. We love our new living room, it is completely transformed. My advice is to trust Bianca and to go for the bold option she suggests. The result will be fabulous!
Madalina P.

House owner

For our new house that needed decoration, Bianca was able to assist us since the beginning with the colors, furniture and other elements of decor in order for us to feel good at home. We had specific needs and tastes and she connected with our style preference and constraints. She was quickly able to suggest things that were very much on our taste, without us having to spend time and effort to find them. She was able to keep us focused and also satisfied with our choices. We went together to visit stores, we exchanged ideas (online & offline) and she even got us a good rebate thanks to her negotiation skills. We felt she took our project personally, in the best possible way. Our house will look good and feel good and this is in a good part thanks to her ideas, patience and skills. Many thanks and we strongly recommend her as a talented home decorator.

Cristi Schiopu

House owner, Soignies

Hello, all is well and bravo for your work! Everybody is pleased with your design and we thank you for your excellent work. The original text: Bonjour, Madame, tout va bien et bravo, merci pour votre travail. Tout le monde est content de votre design et vous remercie pour votre excellente travail.

Dr. Gholypour

Dentist, Ixelles

I would be pretty comfortable with staying in this place into my retirement.

Roberto Manzi

Apartment owner, Bruxelles

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