Worth The Wait

Here is a glimpse of how the place looked before I took over the project. This waiting space was dated and unloved. Far from a fair reflection on the dentist’s great skills. Investment had gone into the actual cabinet, but that meant putting the waiting room on hold. The result was a collection of old furniture and kids toys, with little regard for style.

The brief:

  • The client wanted a space that allowed for the same number of waiting patients as before: 5 – 6 adults and 2-3 children
  • A kids’ activity corner was important
  • The client wanted a harmonious, Zen-like space aimed to sooth the anxiety some patients experience before a dentist treatment
  • From a functional perspective, the client wanted a hardwearing floor.

The outcome:

  • We opted for a modern, crisp contrast with two grey walls and two white walls;
  • We brought the grey/white combination into the furniture, adding natural wood colors for warmth and balance;
  • We created an activities area for kids;
  • We installed a large rectangular mirror to create more light and enhance the space;
  • We purchased two pieces of art from a US-based artist specialized in producing medical art watercolor prints;
  • We brought in a modern floor lamp to layer the artificial light sources and bring in more warmth;
  • We changed the dated light switches to modern white ones.

A few words from my client:

Hello, all is well and bravo for your work! Everybody is pleased with your design and we thank you for your excellent work.

Dr. Gholypour, dentist, Ixelles

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