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Interior Design Consultations

Why go for a consultation? You have your new place. Congrats! You’re pretty confident you know what you want your home to look and feel like. You just need to bounce ideas around with an expert before kicking-off your design project.   I will come in, ask and answer questions about the style and functionality of your space. We will end the session with clear directions covering:

  • space planning
  • furniture layout
  • storage solutions
  • lighting
  • color schemes
  • materials
  • accessories
  • kids friendliness
  • pets friendliness

I will follow up with an email summing up our conversation and ensuring every detail is taken into account. I will also provide a list of sources to make your purchasing smooth sailing. We will have two hours in person. This should give us ample time to gain a full understanding of your ideas and a solid plan for how to bring your vision to life.

Project Management: Renovation/Building

Why not hand me the keys to your new place for the duration of the project? You work long hours. You probably juggle family and professional responsibilities with the agility of an antelope. But there is hardly any time left in the day for dealing with a renovation/ remodeling project. This is where I come in. After extensive briefing, I will work incessantly to take your project from concept to completion in a smooth, time- and budget-conscious fashion. We will communicate on a regular basis and I will provide regular structured updates on:

  • design concept, floorplans, 3D illustrations, sample boards, moodboards
  • project management, liaising with builders, suppliers, architect
  • purchase and timely delivery of fixtures and finishes
  • sourcing, negotiating, buying and delivery of furniture and accessories (personalized accessories also possible)

That way you will be able to carry on with your life safe in the knowledge that your home project is on track.

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