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The family owns this house in a quiet residential area just 12 km north of Brussels. The appeal lies in the quiet streets with large white brick house, well kept gardens and an overall bucolic feeling within a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city. With the family growing and relatives from abroad often visiting, it was decided to attach an extension to the old house thus doubling many of the spaces in the original building and creating a new flatlet.

The brief:


  • This is a full time working couple with two small kids who could not possibly add a construction site supervision to their daily tasks.
  • I stepped in to project manage the building of the new extension as well as oversee the renovation of the old house.
  • This meant selecting building companies, liaising with the architects, co-ordinating suppliers ( windows, flooring, ventilation, etc.) and of course keeping the owners abreast of the site progress.
  • Interior design was part of my tasks albeit a secondary one in this project.

My role:

  • Selected builders team
  • Acted as liaison between the client, the builder, the architect and the suppliers
  • Collected quotes from suppliers
  • Was on site regularly to help solve problems, oversee changes
  • Sourced finishes, kitchen, bathroom
  • Help achieve custom designs for the house kitchens
  • Oversaw the budget
  • Created a project document online for the client to be aware of and contribute to costs, timelines, sources and other elements of the project

The outcome:


  • The extension was built in good time and to high standards
  • Desired changes were made to the external landscape of the house, turning the garden into a much more welcoming family space.
  • The schedule was kept on track
  • The issues arising were solved in a timely fashion
  • The project is ongoing as we are now moving to the inside of the house for the finishes.

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