Opris B Designs

About me

For me, it all started back in London in my mid 20’s. I was working in media in the cinema business, travelling the world attending film festivals. I had also proudly purchased my first home, as I call it, my ‘Bridget Jones apartment’. I trod up and down London’s streets to look for inspiration in many furniture and design shops and incorporated as much as I could in the design of my home. The result? A happy, cosy home that every guest commented on with more than the usual ‘oh, that’s nice’. These reactions triggered a passion for all things interior design that has spanned two decades and several countries. Friends and family would ask for advice on how to or not to decorate their home. I would visit home shows whenever possible. Interior design has been a passion for as long as I can remember. Roll on to the present and here I am, equipped with design studies, years of exploring trends and adapting designs to my life. I am now a mother of two, which means I have added a whole new dimension to my portfolio: design with a young family in mind.

I am based in Brussels with my family. I speak English, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and am working on my French.

Happy to hear from you when you’re ready.

My Approach

Home is where we are most ourselves.  Our project together will not be that of creating lovely pristine magazine rooms where one feels like a stranger in one’s home. We are in the business of creating well-thought spaces, with beautiful new pieces and sensible layouts. A fresh new start and a space that will evolve with you in time.

I will listen carefully and make sure I understand your needs. I will then create an interior that ticks the style and practicality boxes. My designs will be a balanced combination of experience, knowledge, resources and a good eye for style.

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