A House in the Country

The family inherited a beautiful farmhouse in the south west of France, not far from Bordeaux. They decided to take the bull by the horns and do it up as well as extend it. The plan is to have a stunning holiday home in this picturesque corner of the French countryside, as well as a holiday rental place.

The brief:

  • The client lives in Brussels and undertook a long distance renovation project in southwestern France.
  • This is both an extension and a renovation of an old stone house.
  • The client needed assistance with sourcing flooring, bathroom appliances, a large aluminum framed French window and designing the 40sq m kitchen and the lighting layout throughout the house.
  • The challenge was to find and co-ordinate suppliers from a distance.
  • It was essential to keep the building entrepreneurs constantly in the loop.

My role:

  • Sourced and oversaw kitchen, windows, bathroom appliances out of Brussels for the France location
    co-ordinated with owners and builder.

The outcome:

  • The process ran well, particularly given the distance constraints.
  • The large window arrived in a timely fashion. And it fit!
  • The entrepreneur was able to use the sourced product codes in order to purchase bathroom appliances
  • He was also able to prepare the kitchen for the desired design based on a fiche technique produced in Brussels.

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